About Dinkum Technology

Dinkum Technology finds solutions to technical challenges. Our expertise lies in sound and music, digital signals, artificial intelligence and various software and hardware tools for understanding, playing and producing music.

The word Dinkum originates from Australia. It expresses honesty and authenticity. The word, however, is rarely used by itself but is mostly found in the expression 'fair dinkum'. The expression roughly translates to 'genuine'. Some examples probably say more:
Q: Are you fair dinkum ? A: You bet I am, I'm telling you the truth !
Q: Is it true what you're telling me ? A: Yeah, fair dinkum mate !
Dinkum Technology's d-logo is inspired by "Banumbirr the Morning Star", a painting by the aboriginal artist Jack Wunuwun.
Utrecht used to have the Aboriginal Art Museum which unfortunately closed in 2017.