Famous expressions

Monty Python's advice for Proper English

General Custer Where did all them fucking Indians come from?
Mayor of Hiroshima What the fuck was that?
Captain of the Titanic Where's all the fucking water coming from?
Michelangelo You want me to paint WHAT on the fucking ceiling ?
Einstein Any fucker could understand that
Donald Campbell The fucking throttle is stuck
Anne Boleyn Heads are going to fucking roll
Richard Nixon Who's going to fucking know ?
Niki Lauda I thought I could fucking smell petrol
Picasso It DOES fucking look like her
Christopher Columbus Where the fuck are we ?
Michael Jackson It's a fucking skin condition
Pythagarus How the fuck did you work that one out ?
Walt Disney Fuck a duck
Joan of Arc I don't suppose it will fucking rain
Miss Marples I haven't got a fucking clue
Noah Scattered showers, my fucking arse